Welcome to the Marketing Mind Meld!

Answering the age-old question: Why start yet another Marketing Newsletter?

Hi, I’m Kushaan!

I have quite the appetite for emails newsletters - some weeks, opening up almost 30 to 40 in my inbox. So at some level, I was nervous about starting my own. Why introduce another newsletter in a world that’s saturated with them?

But, I recently reached an inflection point. I was reading way too much cool stuff from other people in my life that it seemed hard to keep it all inside.

That’s my first motivation for starting my own - just having a platform to share cool writing and mind-altering perspectives I found with the rest of the world.

My second motivation is also simple: harnessing my own excitement for learning marketing - especially the hidden gems of marketing.

If you think of the marketing content world as an iceberg, there’s a lot of content that you see often - tips on how to do social media scheduling, how to create great content, the top five ways to kickstart your brand etc. It’s all essential reading - and all certainly important for people at any level of marketing.

But there were a lot of things I couldn’t find easily, questions I had about marketing every week where some of the answers were almost 600 feet below the sea. (in our hypothetical iceberg example above)

Things like: How powerful are brand logos? What effect do disclaimers and health warnings actually have? Why does our brain prefer Coke over Pepsi? How could companies who are the laughing stocks of zoomers hypothetically use marketing to their advantage? How effective is a brand’s social activism? How does psychological research, concepts like mirror neurons and somatic markers, play into marketing strategy?

It never ends.

You’ll see a lot on here in the coming weeks: Growth hacks, email breakdowns, hypothetical strategies, social commentary, product insights, new perspectives around tools you see every day, other hidden gems by brilliant marketers - and yes, the occasionally awful pun.

I know your attention is demanded everywhere so I’m grateful that you even gave a minute of it to this post. If you ever want to reach out, please feel free to reply here, find me on Linkedin or message me on twitter @kushaanshah.