Favorite reads, reflections and media of 2022

October 2022

What do serial killer show binges, murder subreddits, and true crime podcast fan groups reveal about human impulses?

July 2022

The hot new social media app has been touted as the anti-Instagram - but will the hype last for BeReal?

May 2022

The Mexican Pizza may have been Taco Bell's biggest bet gone wrong - what can we learn from the marketing of its return?

March 2022

Twitter's proposed Articles feature is another bet on long-form being part of the platform's future. Is this the right bet to make?

February 2022

Crypto's moment in the Super Bowl ads speculating about how it was the next big thing - but is crypto as revolutionary as the early internet?

January 2022

Netflix, HBO, and Microsoft all have taken advantage of it to win hearts and minds - but what exactly is the importance of sonic branding?

December 2021

Favorite writing, reading, and newsletters of 2021
Gifting is something we see as a typical norm but an area that has rarely been innovated. What's next for us?

November 2021

Facebook's rebrand is facing a mix of praise and skepticism for its new vision - is Zuckerberg making the right bet with the Metaverse?

October 2021

Suspicious MLMs have had some common elements: upfront investment, dreams of ownership and a community sell. Can NFT projects pass the sniff test?

September 2021

Some of our favorite household brands have used all sorts of mascots to help drive their brand visibility - why do mascots have such a big impact?